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John tends to play live as a solo act, more often than not, but when he records, he likes to employ all of the recording tools and musical instruments at his disposal. He has released four CDs over the years, all of which are available for a mere $15 at his gigs as well as right here! (free shipping within Canada and continental U.S.)

Steamwhistle  $15.00 (free shipping)

#001/ Released 2002

 The one that started it all, and still remains Papa John's most widely beloved and frequently purchased collection, this CD is made up of 10 original songs and 2 covers: the sacred gospel, "Two Wings," and the '30s classic, "You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark."

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Old Hat  $15.00 (free shipping)

#002/ Released 2004

The sophomore effort, Old Hat, features a collection of mostly original songs, several of which are put through more contemporary and funky rhythms, including the Mahalia Jackson classic, "Didn't it Rain."

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Makin' Hay  $15.00 (free shipping)

#003/ Released 2005

Makin' Hay is a collection of 12 blues covers spanning approximately 100 years of the blues genre itself.  It is, by no means, the definitive blues collection, but each song has a special place in Papa John's sizable record collection.

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Old Mule  $15.00 (free shipping)

#004/ Released 2013

His most recent release, Old Mule is one of Papa John's proudest recording achievements. Comprised of seven originals and five covers, John really expands his musical palette and recording "chops" on cuts like J.J. Cale's, "Lies" and the Blind Boys of Alabama's, "I Shall Not Walk Alone."  This disc has it all!

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